White Nordic cross on grey (12 tiles)

Tayla Jean
R 1,265.00


The white Nordic cross on grey is a stylish play mat. Yes, it is a white cross and could get dirty but we couldn't resist. It is best for tummy time, rolling and crawling. 

Play Mat Dimensions : Approximately 180cm x 240cm (12 tiles with a corner piece and edging) 

• Each tile is 60cm x 60cm and made from EVA foam.
• The tiles are 1.2cm thick which help for those bumps and falls.
• Easy to pack up and store away.

• Wipes clean with a damp cloth (do not use any alcohol based cleaners on the mat. 
• Noise and shock absorbing
• Provides insulation from cold floors

• We don't want to disappoint. Therefore we would like to inform you of the following:
• The print is surface printed into a 'colour' film and could fade and peel over time. (Unfortunately we can't give you the exact time line as it depends on your use)
• Rubbing over the printed area vigorously will rub off the pattern.
• Being a white mat, imperfections are easily seen, even manufacturing on the white foam is pretty difficult and there are sometime a small spot here or there.
• Animal claws can puncture the surface of the play mat
• Sharp objects and furniture will cause damage and indentations
• Play mat could change in colour over time due to sunlight exposure (indirect sunlight could cause this.)