CTN Perfect Prep Machine

Tommee Tippee
R 3,299.00


Make preparing bottles quicker and more accurate. The Perfect Prep gives you the extra peace of mind that comes from knowing your baby's bottle will be perfect every time. 
How to use: 
1. Check the water level and regularly top up when necessary with cold water. When filling the tank with water, ensure the hopper is in place.
2. Turn the dial to select the feed size you require
3. Position your sterilized bottle under the spout. Adjust bottle stand if necessary (bottleneck should sit close to the spout).
4. Press the start/stop button. A red light will flash and a volume of hot water is dispensed into your bottle. 5. The light will change to solid red and there will be a double beep to indicate the end of the first stage. You will need to make up your feed within 2 minutes.
6. Carefully remove the bottle from the stand and measure the correct number of formula scoops into the bottle.
7. Screw the sterilized milk storage lid onto the bottle and ensure that the lid is tight. Be careful when handling hot liquid.
8. Shake well until the formula powder has dissolved. 
9. Remove the milk storage lid and replace your bottle onto the bottle stand.
10. Press the start/stop button again. The red light will go out and the green light will flash. If this button is not pressed within 2 minutes of the hot water being dispensed a long beep will sound. If the alarm sounds you should discard the feed and repeat the process from step 1. 
11. Wait whilst the remainder of the water is dispensed. Once completed, there will be a double beep and the green light will change to solid.
12. Always check that the amount dispensed is consistent with the size of feed you have selected on the dial (by adding the formula, your feed will appear larger than the feed size chosen). Add the sterilized teat, screw ring and hood and shake. 
13. For your child's safety always check food temperature before feeding by testing on a sensitive part of your skin. 
14. Your bottle is now ready to serve. Make sure you discard any unwanted feed as per the formula manufacturer's recommendation.

Age Range
0 to 36 months

2856 kg

Assembled Dimensions
23 x 34 x 31 cm



Packaged weight
2.85 kg

What's in the box
x 1 Perfect Prep Machine