Solar System Posting Puzzle - English & Afrikaans

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R 500.00


Puzzles are custom made and a lead time of 5-6 weeks applies. 

Expand your child’s sensory perception by showing them how big out world truly is.

This wood puzzle with planets and the solar system is an interesting way to memorize and study the names and position of the planets.

Available in English or Afrikaans.

The extra chunky pieces are easy to grip and promote hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and letter recognition.
The set includes a piece for each of planets illustrated.
Also encourages hand-eye, fine motor, and visual perception skills.

Educational Learning, Preschool Puzzle Toy for Boys & Girl.


MDF Wood construction
Pictures are printed directly onto the wood
No stickers that will peel off
Match pictures as you assemble the puzzle
Easy-grasp for practicing fine motor skills
Pictures under all pieces to encourage learning and play

Size: 1cm x 20cm x 30cm