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R 360.00

With Funkybox wipe dispensers, gone are the days of dried, browning wipes and hard to open packets. Simply place your packet of wipes into the box, press the button which opens the lid to dispense the wipes as and when you require one. These boxes are not just for babies room, use them at the table for messy toddlers dinner times and use them in the bathrooms, perfect for potty training. Get rid of the unsightly packets of wipes laying around your home, and replace them with the decorative Funkyboxes. A product that you will use from birth through to toddlers and beyond. 


The perfect investment for baby and your home! Our boxes are made with non-toxic Polypropylene plastic, which is a recyclable plastic. They have been designed to be lightweight and robust so all though they seem bendy, they are designed this way to make them a flexible hard wearing plastic. The base is a rubber/plastic mix which gives the box a grip.


  • Quick open lid with a push of a button.
  • Keeps wet wipes moist.
  • Funky case design to compliment your nursery or other rooms.
  • Easy to refill, just pop the wet wipe packet into the bottom of the tub.
  • Funkybox is made of 100 % recycled plastic and is BPA-Free

Funkybox 21 X12 X8cm